Friday, October 25

My Mom Came Lots

My Mom and Dad came in March for a day, then my mom came back in May for my birthday and Berkleigh's ballet recital, and then she came back in June to help us move and to watch the kids while Tyson and I went to Utah to run the Ragnar...
(I don't know which trip this picture is from, but I do know it was a fun time.)

So this was a picture of the "hard" run that Tyson was supposed to do during the Ragnar. Then he decided to get Appendicitis so he wouldn't have to run it. Smooth move Tyson.
All kidding aside, his almost ruptured appendix came at the most inconvenient time. That was a really hard weekend, and now that I just got the bill for his surgery, there is no more joking. 
Did you know that a laproscopic (sp?) Appendectomy and a 16 hour hospital stay costs more than a 3 day mother and baby hospital stay, c-section etc. Wow. I was very surprised.

While my mom was here, and Tyson was recovering, we took the kids to see Monsters University.
Super cute, however we saw lots of sequels this summer, and I don't think it was the summer of sequels. None of them were as good as the first.

We enjoyed the sunshine at the splash pad/park.

My mom helped the kids make their beginning of summer tye dye shirts that I hadn't gotten around to yet. They loved it. This might be a yearly thing.

 We spent time at the Gilbert House with Grandma.
Merrick is pretending to be Po in the China room.

 She helped me pack or let me pack and played with the kids.
(This picture makes me nauseous by the way. I will not pack in a LONG TIME.)

She also made these super cute skirts for the girls, and as a thank you for all her work and for flying out... we took her to Red Robin. We even got her a freckled lemonade.
That is how cool we are.

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