Thursday, June 13


Best time in Oregon is berry picking time.
There is nothing better than delicious berries for super cheap.

On one packed Saturday, we went from soccer to the strawberry fields.
In HB, I could get about 2 lbs for $15.
In Oregon, I can get 16 lbs for $18.

 Here is Q up to her old shenanigans and her AMAZING smile for the camera. 

She was so cute picking strawberries. This is her first time, and she loved it....

Take a look.
This farm uses no pestisides and are all organic berries, so it was so nice to let Q go to town. She didn't quite understand that fully red is the way to go.

3 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Did anyone get her mixed up with the strawberries and try to pick her?
I would cute!!!
Love you!!!

Maren B said...

Haha-- my LoLi also makes a frumpy face for the camera (and all the time). Glad you are getting to appreciate the wonders of Oregon.

tiff said...

I'm late to the game, but just in case you don't have a great jam recipe:

I do not can, but this recipe I can handle. Super easy, mistake-resistant, and my kids love to help and LOVE LOVE this jam. :)