Wednesday, June 12

Favorite things!

My friend Carrie and I threw a favorite things party.
I loved doing these parties in HB, and then I just didn't get around to planning one here.
FINALLY, we got our act together and got it done.
It was so fun, and is such an easy party to throw. Everyone brings everything, and then we switch.
Simple and yet, SO FUN!
I am used to doing five $6 gifts, but this time we did three $10 gifts.
it worked out well! There were some bigger things this time and I liked that.

I gave my favorite Anthropologie bowl (the big size cause budge was bigger) and all the fixings for an Acai Bowl. I also bought goodwill spoons and painted the bones in cute colors, and along with the recipe. I thought they were darling, but then again, it is one of my favorite things.

2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

I want to see what you got?!?

renaelee78 said...

Let's do it again! You're so creative and fun. Can't you just plan parties for all of us all the time? You do have this nice new home now....... or any day now!