Thursday, May 23

Mothers Day

So Tyson knows me. :)
He knows I hate breakfast in bed. What a mess!

So, he let me sleep in and we had cinnamon rolls and muffins.

We went to church and I did absolutely nothing. 
I didn't change diapers or take Quincy to nursery.
I just enjoyed church.

After church, Tyson made me Cafe Rio.
The whole shebang...
THE dressing, THE rice, THE beans, THE meat.
And he wore my apron. Love it!

We took a walk around our new neighborhood, oh wait... you might not know what I mean... 
scratch that thought for a second... :)

Merrick and Berkleigh told me they would do ANYTHING for me to show that they loved me.
So I told Merrick had to run down our driveway in his skivvies and say, "I love my mom! I love my mom!"

Berkleigh had to go Dad's closet, put on his clothes and come out and say, "Hey wifey, I love you."

We had way to much fun with it.
When I told Merrick what I wanted him to do, I knew he wouldn't do it, so when I said it and he started doing it, I felt loved. :)

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Brianna Smith said...

Oh that picture of Tyson in the apron is classic! And those kiddos do love you to pieces! What a great cherry on top of your birthday cake to have Quincy in nursery- Aweseome!