Friday, May 24


How did I get to be 33?
Age doesn't really bother me, but when I complained that my birthday was on a Sunday, my mom who is visiting us said, well you don't have to worry about your birthday being on a Sunday until you turn 40. 
Uh... cricket cricket.
Lets not think about that. :)

 I got new earbuds. I hate the ones that came with my phone. Who's ears are really shaped like that? So I was so happy to get some that actually stick into your ear!

The best Birthday Present was Sunday was Quincy's legit first day of nursery.
I missed her though, and I couldn't concentrate.

2 love notes:

Matthew said...

The next time your birthday will be on Sunday will be when you turn 39 because of leap year. Don't worry, You're not as old as you think, but you will always be older than me. :P

RaeAnn said...

Love you guys!!! Thanks for having me for almost two weeks. I got to be involved in a lot of fun besides Berkleigh's dance recital...birthday, soccer, the purchase of Tyson's car and the signing of your home loan...just to name a few!!!