Friday, March 22


My parents were in Seattle visiting my (101 1/2 year old) grandpa. They called and said, "Hey we got a rental car and are coming down to see you for the weekend!" 
I decided to keep it a secret from the kids... 

When grandma and grandpa showed up, we had utter shock and amazement...
along with some tears. :)
(Sorry these pictures are blurry. I didn't realize I still had it on "manual" and I was just snapping without looking through the lens.)

Berkleigh was so excited, she was crying. So cute.

Quincy had to "remember" oh yea, these people are my grandparents. :)

We hoped in the car to run out for dessert after they showed up. Berkleigh and Merrick were already in their pjs, so they had to change back and this is what Berkleigh ended up in. Silly little Diva girl.

We went downtown to the park and carousel.

They had the fish that spits out rings that day, so you could grab the rings as you went around. If you got the gold ring, you got a free ride...
My dad got both of the gold rings. 
Woohoo. We can come back again.

Quincy's first ride.
Gotta document.
She had some serious white knuckles.

We went out to eat and I got a salad at a roadhouse. 
What was I thinking?
I should have gone for some meat. grr.
Oh well, better luck next time.

We played games, I slept for approximately 4 hrs while my mom and dad took the kids to the park, fed them dinner and played. (Isn't it great when grandparents come?)

The thing with surprises, is that sometimes they don't last so long. We got to have them Friday-Monday morning.
Good bye hugs!
We get to see them in 2 months again anyways, so it wasn't too sad.
Thanks for coming!

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Megan Rasmussen said...

What a fun surprise! Berkleigh's tears made me want to cry. I love family! What fun when they come to town.