Monday, March 18

Can you take a picture of me?

Berkleigh asked me to take a picture of her with her puzzle. 
She has done this puzzle many times before but I have always been there doing it with her.
This time, I dumped the puzzle out and had a RS mtg at my house. She had it finished in 20 minutes.
Smarty. It has like 200 pieces. 
And she started with the edges first. Smarty pants.

I could hear Merrick playing with Quincy, and Quincy was laughing so hard. Then it got quiet...
"MOM!" "MOM!" "Can you come up here and take a picture of us?"
I run up there to find them rocking in the rocking chair together with a blanket over their laps.
And look at his face... look how happy and proud he looks to be sitting with his baby sister.

4 love notes:

The Ward Family said...

That is amazing that Berkleigh can do that and absolutely adorable picture of Merrick with Quincy. Megan and I got a kick out of those pics of Q enjoying eating gogurt in the sun. What a cutie!!

RaeAnn said...

What a fabulous big brother!!!

Maren B said...

So sweet.

Megan Rasmussen said...