Friday, March 15

Oregon Zoo

I LOVE zoos. I just thing they are so fun. Outside all day in the warm beautiful weather...
and animals you never see, right before your eyes.

In California we lived pretty close to the San Diego zoo. Well, an hour away, but I was so excited to go  cause it is like the "coolest" zoo.

You know, it is pretty cool, but it is so big, hot, and hilly. 
I wanna sleep for 7 days after going.

The Oregon Zoo is awesome. 
Not so huge that it makes you want to break your own legs and get a motorized scooter, but big enough to have every animal you want. 

We went with some friends on our day off school last week.
Ahh. It was fun to have an adventure. 
I feel like I haven't had one in awhile.

Oh, and did I tell you it was GORGEOUS outside?
Well it was.

This picture seems like nothing, but you have to understand...
This was our first stop. We saw the Black Bears. 
Berkleigh screamed, "BBEEEEEAAAAARRR! It is a real bear!" Like she had never seen a living thing before. It was so hilarious. I almost peed my pants along with my mommy friends.

 Here is that famous bear that put Berkleigh into a state of shock and awe.

This was Quincy's first zoo experience, and she loved it. She would point to any animal she saw...
including children running by. It didn't matter as long as it moved.

I have never seen a pretty polar bear. They are always yellow, way to thin, and matted. 
Exhibit A.
This poor bear did the same thing over and over the entire time we were watching. 
I think he was crazy.

But this beautiful creature was laying down by the window. What a gorgeous animal. I can say that I have seen with my own eyes a beautiful polar bear. He was gorgeous, and his head was as big as my whole upper body. He was a large animal I would not want to meet on a ... uh... snow field?

We also got to see baby Lily! One of the elephants gave birth to Lily in November. She popped out at 300 lbs, plus elephants have like an 18 month gestational period. In that regard, I believe we as women are pretty lucky. I can't imagine being pregnant that long or giving birth to a 300 lb baby.
 I loved seeing how protective the mother was of all the freaks with cameras on the other side of the fence.

Quincy loved the fish.

And these giraffes were so funny. 
I am just going to say that we almost saw how baby giraffes are made.
Oh, and the funniest part was the questions from all the kids watching and the non responses from the parents because they were all giggling in the background.

All in all, a successful day at the zoo. It was gorgeous and I am just waiting for the weather to be that perfect EVERY day... Summer please come FAST!

3 love notes:

tiff said...

Love it! You are cracking me up. And you don't know how many times I've thought about "at least I'm only pregnant for nine months....". 18 is insane. INSANE. (Can you tell I'm in my last two weeks?)

RaeAnn said...

I love ZOOS!!!

Megan Rasmussen said...

I'm so excited you found the zoo. This is just the beginning of a summer of fun activities, I'm sure.