Thursday, March 14


The kids had their 100th day of school. When I taught kindergarten it was the most anticipated day of the year! It was so fun to see them so excited about it.

They were supposed to wear their pajamas to school that day and bring 100 things.
Merrick counted out 100 legos.
The engineer in him made 10 groups of 10 legos in each group.
And look how excited he was!

Berkleigh couldn't find anything to bring and was sad. 
Then she got the "greatest" idea ever!
"Mom, I want to bring 100 sprinkles!"
Oh man! Guess how long that took to count out 100 teeny tiny sprinkles?
Wow. We were almost late for school it took so long.

I love my little counters to 100. 
They are so excited about school and it makes me happy.
I am just kinda sad that 100 days of kindergarten have already passed. 
Soon they will be ready for first grade and I just want them to be little forever.

2 love notes:

Laura said...

Feeling the same way. I told chase to stop doing his homework so that he'd have to repeat kindergarten. He thinks that's pretty hilarious

RaeAnn said...

Not much in that little bag....I wouldn't have guessed there are 100 of them!!!