Sunday, January 20

Ugly Sweater Bunco Party

I am in a Bunco group. Yes, bunco. I feel like an old lady when I reveal that I roll dice once a month with friends. Well, December was my month to host Bunco. I knew the minute that I had December, that I would want to do an Ugly Sweater Party. If I had known that my December was going to be as busy as it was, I wouldn't have picked December to be my host month...
Oh well, it was lots of fun.

I had this amazing idea to make an Ugly Sweater Trophy for the winner. 
We have so many random decorations from the office and the retired doctor we bought the practice from, that I went there first to see what I could find.
I found a perfect skiing trophy, and then I fashioned an ugly sweater on the skier and added some fancy masking tape with the new trophy title.

These sweaters were only half of the people there...
Classics: My friend Shauna had the most hideous gold turtleneck number with some kind of amazing scarf and light up Christmas tree headband. Rachel next to her had that amazing sweater with the mitten pockets, I had Rachel's husbands Hanky the Christmas Poo hand painted sweater, and the winner in white, Jenn fashioned that fancy Christmas tree sweater out of things found around the house. 
She definitely won by popular vote. 

3 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Love your trophy!!!!

Megan said...

Wait, didn't I give you that sweater??? Ha ha j/k
Fun times!

garcias said...

I can't tell you how much I love bunco. We had bunco night in my Provo ward and it was by far my favorite night of the month. I don't think you seem like an old woman.