Thursday, January 24

Bon Voyage

2 parents, 7 kids, 4 in laws, 8 grandchildren = 21 people in one house getting ready to leave for a cruise to Mexico. My MIL gave my father for his 60th birthday present a family trip to plan.... something I believes he loves to do, and if he doesn't love to do it, he is just really good at it. :) 

It was a little Home Alone to me. I made mental note not to leave one of my kids while the crazy Home Alone song ran through my head as we packed and put our luggage downstairs to be loaded in the BUS.

 Yes, my father in law is THAT cool. He didn't want us to be separated driving to Long Beach. We needed to be together, and together we were. Dancing and singing Christmas songs in our chartered bus.

Quincy was a cutie patootie on the bus in Tyson's sunglasses. I love these pictures. There was so much excitement for our impending Bon Voyage.

Getting on the Carnival Splendor.

My little family so excited to get on the "titanic".
(My kids have called this cruise the titanic since the day they found out we were going.)

Yes, we were those people. We totally took and bought our bon voyage picture.

After a LONG time checking in and getting situated, we headed to our balconies which connected all of our rooms together, and watched Long Beach leave in the distance.

 Watching from our balcony waiting for the boat to leave Long Beach and the US in the distance.

Good bye Long Beach. See ya in a week.
There are about a million pictures left to show you. So settle in. :)

3 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

I cant wait!!! This is what I have been wanting to see!! Love your shirt by the way...I recognize it as one of your pre-prego shirts...Way to go!!!
Love you!!!

The Maughans said...

I love Quincy's face in the "bon voyage" picture!

tiff said...

Wow! This looks so fun! I love love the bus. :)