Wednesday, December 5

Trimming the tree

I actually did just that. 
Our poor tree had a pregnant belly on one side. Just over growth of branches in one particular part. I trimmed her right up, and then the light wrapping, ornament hanging, christmas carol singing could commence.

Tyson, so happy to do the lights. 
I always complain the lights aren't even, or there aren't enough lights, or there is a dark hole somewhere. He hates it. 
So I tried to change this year, and not care. Um, I still cared, but I wasn't a army general yelling where the lights needed to go. hehe.

Then the hanging of the ornaments. While we did most of it, Quincy did this:

Quincy needed to sleep, but she kinda missed last years Christmas with all the eating and sleeping she did, so we kept her up a bit to hang a couple ornaments.
I know she will thank us for this wonderful memory we created for her.

 I spy one of my favorite ornaments...
I love our Golden Gate Bridge. It is so fun to bring out our ornaments and remember some of the best memories we have. Living in the bay area was one of them.

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RaeAnn said...

Very cool General Jen...or should I call you Sir?!!?
Love Ya!!! :)