Tuesday, December 4

Getting our tree

We got our tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Why? Cause we are leaving soon for Louisiana on the 10th, coming back on the 17th, leaving the 20th for California, then leaving the 23rd for our Mexican cruise with Tyson's family. Eek. So excited.

We needed to start holiday cheer early, and early we did. We went straight from family pictures to the tree farm to buy a cheap, beautiful Oregon tree.

You know me... dressing the part. Gotta wear my lumberjack outfit.
(Cause lumberjacks where plum jeans.)

Found it.
It is a really large tree.
Berkleigh looks really smug about finding it.

Probably the cutest little Christmas tree farm ever. Really.

There is nothing like finding the perfect tree and then cutting it down yourself.... oh and the best part, paying WAY less than anywhere else.
Who is going to come and visit me for Thanksgiving next year, get a tree, and take it home with them?
Sounds good, eh?

2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Dis you seriously buy that 20 ft tree??? Awesome...where did you put it...I am guessing that is not the same Christmas tree lot that we went to last year.
Love ya!!!

garcias said...

Don't even tempt me. Although I am not sure the tree would make it back alive.