Sunday, November 18

Eating cake

I can't tell you how much denial I am in that my baby girl is one... 
(Well almost... Wednesday the 21st is the day!)

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

What is this? .... Tastes good!
(She was so dainty and girlie at first)

 Ok, um, yea, I will eat more...

Double fisted.


I am so happy about this.

Can't get enough.

It was such a heavy cake. I don't 'know how the bumbo held it up.

No dainty little girl anymore. She had it in her hair and nose... and her eyebrows.

This is happiness right here.

The before and after:
Not too bad, but lots of coral frosting EVERYWHERE.

We love this girl. Happy birthday lovey.

4 love notes:

Jess said...

I can't tell you how much I love looking at pictures of this little gal. Her expressions just make me giggle! Her smiley face is just histerical! I can't wait to meet her and watch her face change. Happy birthday sweet girl! (they aren't babies anymore :(

Terri Silva said...

Love, Love these pictures of Miss Q and her frosting smiles!!! A year already???

Kristy said...

Happy Birthday to the cutest little girl! We love you Quincy!!! Happy first birthday. Deacon loves you and wishes he could give you a nice, wet, slobbery kiss! Hopefully we will live in the same state again someday.

Kristy said...

That picture with the frosting all over her face and she is smiling? Seriously priceless. I love it!