Sunday, November 18

a tiny party : Part 1

Quincy turns one the day before Thanksgiving, so we partied it up last night before people leave to be with family and are too busy making yams and turkey to come to a party.

I have wanted to have a teeny tiny party for way to long. I saw it on a blog once, and then some friends and I had a baby shower for my friend Amber and we did something similar, but I had a vision for a small teeny tiny party and I wanted to be able to go all out. 

Quincy was born and so was the rebirth of my excitement for her first birthday.

We sent out invitations:
(size of a business card)

We set up for the festivities:

 We had a friend make this beautiful cake:
(It was so nice to not make the cake and pretend I have talent in that area when I really don't. haha.)

We had tiny drinks and tiny straws:

We had tiny candies and cookies:
(tiny oreos, tiny goldfish, tiny TJ pb cups)

We had tiny waffles with whipped cream and a tiny raspberry:

We had tiny vanilla ice cream balls on tiny peppermint waffle cones.

We had tiny veggies:

We had tiny cupcakes:

We gave out tiny favors:
I couldn't find tiny enough brown paper bags, so I made my own. Die little bags. :)
In the girl favors there was tiny nail polish, tiny markers, tiny m&ms, and tiny stickers.
In the boy favors there was a tiny skateboard, tiny stickers, tiny markers, and tiny m&ms.

Now on to the festivities:

Quincy opened presents:

We loved our little party for this tiny girl. I know she won't remember it, but I hope she knows she is loved.

5 love notes:

Josh and Laura said...

Oh my gosh, Jen. Cutest party ever! I've seen a lot of cute parties you've done, but this one is right up at the top! I love all the details!

Emily Curfew said...

so adorable. loved seeing all of the cute mini treats especially those waffles!! happy FIRST birthday Quincy Dear. Still can't believe how fast the 1st year goes...

RaeAnn said...

She seems too teeny tiny to be a 1 year old!!! So that you were able to use the crown again!!!
Such a cute ya!!!

Kristy said...

Adorable! I loved it all! Happy first Birthday Quincy darling! Parties just aren't the same without you Jen. You just know how to make everything look great!

Megan Rasmussen said...

Oh my cuteness! Cute, cute, cute! Cute invites, cute treats and snacks and cute favors. What a CUTE cake! Wow. You nailed this one. Soooooo cute!