Tuesday, October 9

Its that time of year...

Halloween is here.
Spooks are everywhere!
Our house is festive.

 I tried some new decorations this year...
These bats are they favorite. Seriously? It took me maybe 15 minutes to cut the bats and stick them on the wall. It really give an extra eery feeling to our house.
If you need something quick, get some black paper and cut yourselves some bats.
Idea from here.

 These little mummies are the BEST. I found the tutorial on here.
So easy and so cute.

I absolutely LOVE these spiderwebs.
I saw them on pinterest that led me to an etsy shop where the creator is selling them for $40.
Whatever. I can make that... and I did! They are so Nightmare before Christmas. I love it...
(thought of you the whole time I was making them Kristy!)

I also redid our family silhouettes. It is Quincy's first Halloween!
Tyson - horns
Jen - Antenni
Merrick - Indian Chief
Berkleigh - princess
Quincy - bug

The leaves are falling.
The days are warm and breezy, but the nights are chilly.
Ahh... fall has come at last!

I love making new Halloween decorations every year. It spruces up our house and makes us feel festive!

5 love notes:

Emily Curfew said...

adorable! you always have such cute halloween decorations. those silhouettes are awesome.

renaelee78 said...

You are super woman. Awesome decorations!

RaeAnn said...

Super cute!!! You really outdid yourself this year!!! It looks like you took the bell off the voodoo doll.
Love ya!!!

Sheryl said...

Your house is always SO cute for halloween. I love the mummies and spider web this year.

Kristy said...

I love your new decorations! Man, I've been so lazy! I have not done a single thing this month. I need help. I need decorations! Love the spooky spider web. It was very nightmare before christmas, which is Dallin's favorite movie these days.