Tuesday, October 9

Conference. food, and Soapbox Derby

We love us some conference weekend around here.
If you want to know about it or listen to it, go here.

We love to sit as a family around the "tv" (computer) and listen to the prophet.
We still get dressed up like we are going to church, but we get to be together as a family and enjoy yummy food and inspired words from the prophet and other leaders of our church.

I made sliders and cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
Oregon has something against Hawaiian sweet rolls.
 I can't find them anywhere.
So I settled for english muffins. (I was trying to recreate a Ruby's Diner meal I had once.)

So delicious. 

In between conference sessions we headed to the park for some Soapbox derby action.
Did you know that still exists? It is huge still, and someone from Salem just won the World Championships last year...
People from all over come to our track at  our park to race.
You better believe that when the twins are 8 they will be participating in these races. How cool is that?
So Sandlot, I love it!

On Sunday sessions of conference, we enjoyed a simple breakfast, watched conference, where Berkleigh drew this awesome picture of the prophet speaking to us the words from our Heavenly Father behind him. How cute is that?

During the break between sessions, we went for a drive in this amazing Fall weather...

We ate homemade Cafe Rio. I miss it.

And we hung out with friends on Sunday night with lots of yummy treats, my contribution was this salted caramel pretzel bark. It was hard to get out of the pan, but it was tasty!

We love conference! Now if you will excuse me, I need to go run 10 miles after eating ALL that yummy food!

2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

You should frame Berkleigh's picture or embroider it onto something....so cute!!! Your food looks fab as always!!!
Love ya!!!

Sheryl said...

Soap box derby=awesome. We'll look forward to see the twins participating in a few years.