Wednesday, September 5

Getting ready for School (a super long post)

I think we are the last people on earth to go to school. We still have a week before school starts. 
I like it though, because it is gonna start raining again (I feel like it just stopped), and I would rather my kids be in school than right now when it is ga-gorgeous outside.

We have been getting ready for school...

We bought our school supplies.
(People were actually laughing at me while I took pictures of my kids in Target buying our school stuff, but seriously? I am so glad I have pictures of them. I will be so happy one day.)

Our list!

Getting some crayons and pencils!

The highlight of our back to school shopping was the buying of the backpacks! They have small backpacks that they take on vacation to put their toys in, but this is a whole new level... they need to be able to fit their homework folder in it. (They think that is super cool.) :)

And there you have it...

The kids also get to go to a brand new school. I mean, it was built this summer...
They had an ribbon cutting ceremony/open house at the end of August.
Of course we went. We were so excited to see what the school looks like inside and to meet our teacher!

 The cutting of the ribbon!

Buying our first school t-shirts! and visiting our new kindergarten class.

Getting a cookie in the cafeteria.
Loving the brand new library with ALL BRAND NEW BOOKS.
(It smelled so good in there.)

The AWESOME gym!

Playing on the super cool playground.

While grandma and grandpa were here, we had a fashion show to show off our school clothes.
My brother Matthew made a red carpet, and I was in charge of music... One Direction.
It was the greatest fashion show of all time.

 We are ready for school.
Tomorrow they have Kindergarten assessment and then we have our last weekend before school starts...
They couldn't be more excited.

4 love notes:

The Polson Family said...

Yeah for school!! They look so cute & grown up. Someone awesome must help pick out their clothes..Super cute!! Gotta love the trip to Target for school supplies, Emily ended up with the same backpack as Berkleigh:) Hope they have a great first day

Matt and Melody Odell said...

I love this post! It makes me excited for Corban to go to school. I think I would feel even better if he had a twin with him, they are so lucky!

Kristy said...

I love their clothes! I also love that you were taking their pictures at Target and people thought that was weird. Making memories people!

Harris Family said...

so fun! That will be so nice that McKenna will be in their class. She is so excited!