Friday, September 7

9 months

Quincy turned 9 months old.
9 months. Oh, time needs to slow down.

She is the yummiest thing around. Seriously.
She is a very happy baby, loves her siblings, and is very BUSY.

 She is also no long miss teeny tiny.
At 6 months she weighed in at 13 lbs 14 oz.
At her 9 month appointment she weighed in at ....
19 lbs 4 oz.

What a little chunker! 
That is what happens when mommy dries up and formula takes over. 

She is such an expressive little thing. Her eyes say everything, and that blue. I almost can't stand it. They are a beautiful color.

Little Q still loves her tongue, but it now only makes random appearances (which always seem to be during pictures.) She is toothless. Not one tooth, and no sign of one coming anytime soon.
She can gum anything though. Table food is yummy and way more appealing than pureed Gerber junk.

 She is a little hesitant about strangers...
Well, some. Like the ladies at work. She can handle them looking at her for a few minutes, but then she gets scared and clings to me.
The old men at the office? She LOVES them. She would jump out of my arms and into theirs if she could. 
I find it quite funny and a little alarming at the same time. 

Oh baby girl. You melt my heart.

She has figured out the sign for milk, but she uses it for "food".
She is crawling, standing, cruising, sitting and babbling like a champ, but she won't wave, and I just haven't even tried clapping with her yet.

We love our Quincy Tate.
It is funny how you can't even imagine what life will be like with another little one to love, and then she came, and we can't imagine life without her.
She brings lots of happiness into our home.

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Emily Curfew said...

ADORABLE!!! This is my favorite baby stage - so cute that last one of her standing up!!! I'm looking forward to this age with the new one on the way... the newborn days (aka sleepless nights) goes fast, right?!?!??!

The Maughans said...


Harris Family said...

She is just adorable! Love those pictures too

Kristy said...

Oh Quincy. I just wish I could snuggle you! She looks absolutely adorable in the pictures. Nice work Jen!