Thursday, July 5


The 4th is probably one of our favorite holidays! We love America, and we are very patriotic.
It is so fun to be with friends and family and to have your own little BBQs and parties, but to know that the rest of the country is doing the same thing... and only OUR country is doing it that day...
I think it is special.

So, we moved almost a YEAR ago (... crazy!!) from one of the best places for the 4th. Huntington Beach knows how to party on the 4th. It might just be that it is a beach city, or because there are lots of veterans living in HB, but it is SO fun. We really missed our bike rides, parades, beach/ pier watching fireworks, but Oregon didn't disappoint. :)

It started July 3rd...
Tyson and his fireworks!

Our initials in sparklers.

We had a firework graveyard on our driveway before the 4th even started. 

I just got called to be the new Enrichment leader in my ward...
and I was in charge of the 4th of July Breakfast.
I was out of town for most of June so I didn't have to do much of it, but I did install our own "State Parade" like they do in HB. 
We had lots of fun.
Berkleigh was New Mexico and came as a hot air balloon.
Merrick was South Dakota and came as Roosevelt on Mt. Rushmore.
Quincy was North Carolina and came as the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

It was fun to think up what to do and execute... almost like Halloween in July! :)

Best part of Quincy's costume was that her headband had a batter operated tea light in it, and lit up like a true light house. 

Merrick LOVED being a mountain, but was bummed that he had dropped his "South Dakota" sign.

 Berkleigh was so ecstatic about her Hot air balloon... it might make another appearance sometime.

We played softball in the park with friends...

Quincy guzzling a bottle and enjoying the SUN finally! And the fourth wouldn't be the same without Pyro Tyson and his smoke bombs... He drove around Salem with one lit out of the window...

We went for a marathon BBQ with friends where we ate, played, and waited to watch fireworks off their deck at the back of their house.
Talk about a view! It was gorgeous, and you could see eight different firework shows. It was the perfect place to watch.

Homemade Rootbeer

Hope a Happy Fourth was had by all!

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Emily Curfew said...

ok, jen, i was gonna say YOUR firework pictures were spectacular!! tell me your secret!! beautiful.

Kristy said...

I LOVE Quincy's costume. She is so darling! Happy 4th yo!