Tuesday, July 3

7 mesas

Quincy turned 7 months while we were on vacation at Lake Powell/St. George...

She is a mover and a shaker.
She loves to eat but is still a lightweight!

Her eyes are still blue.

She has the funniest laugh. It is like a chuckle under her breath.
Kind of machine gun like, if you will.

She sits like a champ.

She can go from sitting to crawling position.

She can crawl like 2 little tiny inches and then cries because she is frustrated.
Oh I will be in for it in a couple weeks!

She has no teeth still.

Her hair is still more red than blonde...or at least what little she has right now.

She loves to reach for things.

She puts two syllables together and says, "babababab" and "dadada" all the time.

She sings to songs with a really LOUD singing voice.

She is happy except when she's not. (how is that for vague.)
No really she is a happy baby.

She is fairly independent. I can leave her playing with toys for awhile!

We love her so!

3 love notes:

garcias said...

So cute. Sorry we missed you in Utah. I kept waiting for your phone call! (Just giving you a hard time) My little Xenia was so tiny. She was in the negative curve for American children. She didn't really start growing until I did some allergy treatments. My kids are lucky enough to inherit all the Sorensen allergies. Anyway she is adorable. Happy 7 months.

Kristy said...

I cannot wait to do a little photo shoot with our babes. They look alike still! She is so cute and I love her little body in that swim suit.

RaeAnn said...

Loving little Q right now and can't wait to come for our visit!!!
Love you guys!!!