Friday, June 1

preschool graduation

Yesterday was the day!
It was a sweet little ceremony. 
My twins graduated from preschool... or should I say PAID school!
Free school from here on out!
Woo hoo!

I got a little bit teary eyed because my babies are growing up.
Does it make it double as hard when you have two of them?
Do you know how different my life is going to be next year?
Two out of my three children will be gone from the house EVERYDAY!

Anyways, it was a special day.
They got to dress up for graduation in an outfit that showed what they wanted to be when they grow up.

Merrick wants to be a builder and Berkleigh wants to be an artist.

We also made Mrs. Sheehan this little basket made out of a paper bag, I printed the tag from here, 
and filled it with strawberries. 
(I so would have wanted this when I taught instead of the millions of pounds of See's candy!)

Walking to get their diplomas...

They put on a little program for us...
(This preschool is at the high school, and each kid has a high school buddy, great one on one interaction, and super cheap!)

While they were receiving the diploma, they had a slideshow playing with all the pictures taken throughout the year of each of them.

Then the got their portfolios, notes from their teachers, and a little graduation gift.

And then you HAVE to party with cake!

What a fun year for them. It makes me happy when I think about their experience.
They had a safe fun place to go where they felt loved by more people than just Tyson and I.

Kindergarten! Here we come!

3 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Sweet!!! Love your strawberry basket!!
So cute!!!
Love ya!!!

Shari said...

I feel really bad that James won't get to start real kindergarten next year. Russians start a year later. We will, however, be sending both James and Bruce to preschool next fall. So, it will be the same for me -- I'll only have William during the day after school starts. That kind of freaks me out. I haven't taken care of just one child at home for 5 1/2 years!

Kristy said...

Your strawberry basket is fantastic. I feel like I need to make one and give it away just cause.