Monday, May 28

6 months

How did this scrumptious little dessert get to be 6 months old?
I can't believe it.
At her appointment she weighed in at 13 lbs 15 oz.
She is a small fry.

Quincy Tate, we love you so!

She can sit up
 roll from front to back
 roll back to front
she reaches
recognizes her name
LOVES food
talks all day long
has no teeth
smiles so big
has the cutest dimples
LOVES her brother and sister
and is trying to crawl.

7 love notes:

Jenny said...

great pictures!

Emily Curfew said...

6 months?!?! what the heck!! i can't believe it! your backdrop is beautiful. happy half birthday quincy tate dear. :-)

RaeAnn said...

So super cute!!! Love them all!!!

HandyHoney said...

she is tiny! Dawson weighs 20 pounds! She is super cute!

Kristyn said...

Super, super cute Jen! Love her smiles!

Kristy said...

Deacon is in love. She is dreamy. And sitting? That is awesome! Deacon can't hold himself up! Ha!

Shelley said... are in trouble with her!