Sunday, May 6

a beautiful beach day

A couple weeks ago we headed to the beach with some friends.
We had a glorious time.
The men surfed.
The woman chatted.
The babies slept.
The kids played and wore themselves out.

Oregon really does have a beautiful coast line.

Merrick, Berkleigh, and Tessa.. and the rock.

The best part?
You get to park on the beach.
Kristy and Megan... how is that convienience? :)

2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Such a fun beachy spot!!! Hope you have lots of fun sunny days this summer!!!
Love ya!!!

Kristy said...

I cannot believe you can park on the beach. It makes me soooo happy for you and soooo sad for me, lugging all the beach crap. My visual of the beach is painful. Baby in bjorn, chair on back with backpack, holding a childs hand and then holding another bag in my other hand. I am exhausted just typing this.