Friday, May 4

Baby Shower Instagrammed

So my friend Rachel is having a baby at the end of the month. My friend and I threw her a shower last night.  
Our theme: She is Ready to POP!
Inspired by this picture.

We had so much fun planning, and it was the easiest shower I have put together.
Teal was a main color, and is easy cause teal threw up in my house. :)
And then we just had to make pop corn, bags, nameplates and we were done!

Here are some poorly taken and shaky pictures from Instagram.

PS. I LOVE paper straws. I love they way they look and have always wanted to buy them, and I had an excuse! They were cheap, and DARLING! Plus they are made VERY well.

Btw, Cinnabon popcorn is by far the best popcorn known to mankind.
Please go to Best Bites, get the recipe and make it this weekend.

Pop corn and pop for our 
She's gonna pop baby shower!
How circus-y is this?
A cute bottle of soda with a fun straw and a bag of popcorn.
I love it.

See how cute these straws are?

Sad that I didn't bring my camera to snap some better pictures, and maybe take some for Rachel or Rachel and all the people who are wishing her a happy baby boy!
Oh well. 
At least instagram was there to save the day... sort of.

3 love notes:

The Maughans said...

I totally brought my camera and forgot to get it out! It was so cute and fun, thanks again!

RaeAnn said...

Super cute the straws!! I might just have to try the popcorn tomorrow!!!
Love ya!!!

Kristy said...

I love those straws! I have had almost bought them many times, but no reason to use them. What a cute shower!