Tuesday, April 10

Quincy's Blessing

Quincy was blessed this past Sunday, on Easter.
What a special day to be blessed!
Her blessing was beautiful. Tyson did a wonderful job, and it was so special to have her two grandpas, an uncle, a great uncle, and a cousin joined in blessing baby Q.

She was happy, and then in the middle of the blessing she started to cry.
(Who are all these men standing around holding me?, was probably going through her head), and then
when the blessing was over, she immediately stopped crying.
Silly girl!

My mom made the beautiful ivory dress and brought it to me in November when Quincy was born, and it hung in my closet for 3 months. Then, I decided it was time to get to work. This dress was the inspiration, and I cascaded flowers down the front and back of the dress I LOVE every ounce of it!
 I spent two weeks cutting circles, burning edges, and tying french knots. I made 120 flowers which had at least 3 circles for each flower SO that is 
360 circles cut, burned and knotted together.
I am glad to have this project completed.

The result was beautiful. I love it. I have stared at it all weekend. It is just so fun to have your vision turn out just how you imagined!

Some other special touches...
Can I really do anything without a tiny bit of teal?
The flower in her hair had a teal center,
Her shoes..

Her name stitched on the back...

Thank you for coming! We LOVED every minute of our weekend with you!

10 love notes:

Emily said...

I love her dress! how did you make the tie and skirt?? so cute!!

The Polson Family said...

Jen, her dress is amazing, I am so impressed. You always do such a great job. I am so glad that you had such a wonderful weekend!

Laura said...

That dress is gorgeous! Good job!!

Jenny said...

Beautiful work on that dress, it is gorgeous!!

Megan Bowen said...

It looks beautiful. I would except nothing les then perfect with a bit of teal.

Kristy said...

Absolutely perfect! You make me want a girl! I wish I could have seen it on her in person, but the pictures are adorable. She is darling. Deacon is a little jealous that his blessing outfit was used previously and something he wears to church sometimes. he he

Kristy said...

You've been pinned! Ahhhhhhh!

Sally said...

The dress is fabulous!
I talked to Arys on the phone recently and asked her about the blessing. She said Quincy's dress was beautiful but it was too big for her. She said, "I think it will fit her when she is three." :)

Shari said...

Wow! Just...WOW! I love Quincy's dress and matching shoes and headband! Great job! It's so fun that you had so much family there to support you too.

RaeAnn said...

We had a really fun time...the dress and the pictures and everything were beautiful. Love ya!!!