Thursday, April 12

Cherry Blossoms

Move over DC, we have our own Cherry blossoms. 

This is at the top of our state capitol.
(Thats part of another post)

This is my favorite place to be at the moment. We have been back at least 4 times since the trees have blossomed!

I love how the blossoms look like snow.
This is my kind of snow. Warm weather and beautiful blossoms.

wanna come visit yet?

5 love notes:

garcias said...

Are you kidding, I haven't been wanting to come visit before you even unpacked. :) But anytime you want to come to blazing hot Texas I have extra room for you to visit!!! We would love it.

garcias said...

I mean, " I HAVE been wanting. . ."

Emily Curfew said...

wow! who would've thought ?!! gorgeous! i love cherry blossoms. enjoy it while it lasts. ;-)

Sheryl said...

Those blossoms are lovely!! So is Quincy and her beautiful blessing dress :) I think she'll stay blue eyed for you. Your family is darling!

tiff said...

I love the pic of your parents. Your mom is so ADORABLE.

(p.s. she passed that on too....)