Thursday, March 8

beautiful days

So we have had lots of sunny days lately. It is a nice change from the gloom, but it is still cold! 
I looked at Huntington Beach weather on Sunday and it was 90 degrees and was almost exactly double the temperature here where it was almost 50 degrees.
90 degrees is HOT, and I don't think I wish for that, but I do wish for 60s...

We have been taking advantage of the sun, and the house shows it...
chores are not being done because I feel if I don't get out in the sun, it will go away and I will be sad that I didn't get out when the sun was out.

Sunday we went to one of our favorite parks. It is right on the Willamette River.

And I don't know what it is about Salem, but there are lots of jugglers and tight rope walkers.
We see them all the time!

There is this cool walking bridge across the river. The guy who designed and built it was named Gilbert, and he started the Erector sets. (Dad, you will like this...) and this bridge that we walk along is what his first Erector set is modeled after...

We also started going to our Children's Museum of Salem. 
It is cute and the museum is in 3 Victorian Houses. 

It is the regular Children's Museum with the grocery store

bubble room

 but the best room is this room that videos your moves. It is fun to dance in, and I can't wait for Berkleigh and her little friend Tessa to bust a move in there, cause that will be really entertaining!

The other great place in the museum is the amazing play structure in the middle of the houses. It is fenced in. The best kind of playground around!

I hope the sun and I can get reacquainted and I really hope it doesn't want to leave again. :)

4 love notes:

Amy D. said...

i about died laughing when you said you see lots of tight rope walkers. Those Oregonians will be so offended about their slacklining :)They take it very seriously.

JS said...

Haha! Amy, of course there is a different name for it. They are everywhere! Slack lining... I gotta get used to this stuff. :)

RaeAnn said...

Looks really fun!!! Cant wait to see you again...Q is really growing and I miss playing with M an B!!!

Sally said...

I must have been gone from Oregon for too long because I have never heard of slacklining.

90 degrees in Huntington Beach in early March? How could you ever stand to leave a place with such perfect weather!