Saturday, February 18

little letters

Dear Goofy Girl,
If you don't listen when I tell you to sit and eat, then I WILL wipe up your spilled drink with you...
Your mother

Dear Berkleigh,
Who taught you to add dots to your writing? It is super cute!
Love, Mom

Dear Sickness,
I don't know why you HIT every single one of our eyes, but it is gross and please go away!
The Scott Sickies

Dear Styrofoam,
I tried to be nice, and take pictures and pretend you were cool when the twins picked you apart piece by piece, but please don't take offense when I vacuumed you up 10 minutes later.
With disgust,

Dear Energy,
Being sick is no fun, but what is worse is the disarray of our home. Please come back so I can stay on top of house work!
Tired in Salem,

Dear Kids,
Could you be any cuter?
Your mom

4 love notes:

Emily said...

What did you get from Land of Nod??? Hope you guys all start feeling better!

Sally said...

I hate Styrofoam. I hope you guys get back to 100% soon!

Shelley said...

I think there is an energy shortage! If it comes back to you mail some to me. I loved looking at all the birthday pictures of the kids. When we moved in they were just three and seemed so little! I loved watching them waiting for my two. Happy birthday guys!

RaeAnn said...

Did you make a new blanket for Quincy? The one on the back of your couch? Feel better soon
Love ya!!!