Friday, February 17

Dear Mormon Minor and Grandparents,

(You know who you are...)
Thank you for the birthday/valentines package! 
We loved it, and I actually cried.
Berkleigh asked me why I was crying because it was supposed to be happy.
I was very happy!
Thanks for making our day!

 I love that Merrick and Berkleigh's little V day cans of candy had M&Ms but Quincy's had Cadbury Mini Eggs... My friends know all to well who will actually be eating Quincy's. :)
Friends that know you like that are special.
And how did I get such creative friends with their Valentines...
 Anyways, Thanks guy! And be watching the mail...

Grandparents that live by Disneyland,
We loved our Valentines. The cups are cute, and the candy is appreciated by all.

2 love notes:

Kristy said...

I'm crying while reading this! I just love you guys! Sorry it didn't get to you on time, but better late than never! Not that you guys aren't worth $65 for shipping (to get to you on Vday), we are just too poor. he he. Happy Birthday and Happy Valentines Day!!!

Megan Bowen said...

That makes three of us crying over this. We miss you guys so much. Addison was so excited to get everything ready and wanted to write each of their names. Then when she finished she turns to me and says, "Mom I really, really miss my friends Berkleigh and Merrick. Mom I really miss playing with dolls and cars and berkleigh's doll house and playing doctor and laying in my bed and watching MY shows with them. " I'll admit I got teary eyed and said "Addison I really miss doing all those things with them too." We love you guys and miss you just as much as if you left yesterday.