Wednesday, January 4

Before Christmas

There are still a few things I wanted to document from before Christmas before I get to much into the new year. 

We were really lucky to have a spider living in our Christmas tree. It is supposed to be good luck. I think it was cause we had a great Christmas!

I am missing laying Quincy down on her boppy looking up at the Christmas tree lights. She would lay there for at least 15 minutes and then would just fall asleep...
Having a baby at Christmas is magical.

I love seeing Christmas lights reflected in little kid eyes!

Sorry, kind of a blurry picture, but that was because I was in a hurry. :) I had so much to do before Christmas, and I can't believe I finished it all! I even did all the stockings!
This picture sums up day before our trip chaos... laundry, sewing projects etc!

Hope you had a fabulous Christmas and a wonderful New Years!
We did, more posts to come!

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