Monday, December 19


I have decided three children is hard, or I am not used to it yet! :)
SO, we have continued to have lots of Christmas fun, I just don't take as many pictures, OR it just takes a long time for me to post them...

Here is some of our fun!
Tyson's Birthday!

Tyson is such a good dad! Merrick and Berkleigh are constantly crawling all over him. They drop whatever they are doing when they hear the garage door open, and they always want to go to daddy's work to see him. We love our daddy!
Happy Birthday!

Christmas Light Parade with friends...
(Rachel, I am sad you never found us!)
It had to be 30 degrees outside... It was SO cold!

Making Gingerbread houses with friends...
I didn't want to go ALL the way to Costco to pick up a gingerbread house, and I had seen this cute one at Trader Joes. It was easy, simple and fun to put together, but barely had any candy. That was fine cause I always want to do a house, but while making it, I am kinda over it.. :)

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