Friday, November 4

Because it is a Thankful Month (6/20/11)

When we moved to Oregon, our computer had died, and we weren't going to buy one in California, when we could buy it with no sales tax in Oregon! I kept borrowing my neighbors, and then I felt like a mooch. Then we moved, and had no internet for a month... and by the time we had saved up for our computer, life had happened, and I missed blogging some really special things that happened in California!

Because it is a Thankful Month, I thought I could finally go back and blog those special people and times we had in California before we moved...

Father's Day
We are so thankful for Dad! He works SO hard so that we can have a nice life. He is a great example of hard work, spontaneity, and fun to our kiddos. He is a spiritual leader in our home, and makes sure we have family home evening and prayers.
And tonight, he went on a Man Date with his friend Cory and all the kids so that I could sit at home, relax, and have some girl movie time.
Everyone should with for a father/husband like him!

My friend found this tutorial online somewhere. I thought it was a simple and yummy (Tyson's favorite candy) to show him we love him!

3 love notes:

Megan said...

Thanks for being good to my brother. I think he is pretty cool, too.

Matt and Melody Odell said...

We love Tyson, especially Matt. I love seeing what you guys are up to and think about you all the time. Miss ya!

Shelley said...

Wow...I think I'm sold on OR!