Thursday, November 3

You know you are in Oregon when...

I have compiling these pictures for since we moved here. Notice that most of the pictures the sun is present!

1. You know you are in Oregon when your recycle trash can is bigger than your actual garbage can.
This is actually really cool, but I have to start being better at recycling. My trash fills up so fast, and I have to wait a week before the trash guy comes!

2. You know you are in Oregon when you see VW bus complete with canoe, bikes, and tye dyed curtains.
Coolest car ever.

3. You know you are in Oregon when your milk from Costco comes in containers like this.
Weird, Tyson calls it space milk.

4. You know you are in Oregon when someone else pumps your gas.
Love it.

5. You know you are in Oregon when at storytime there are more people in tye dye than one single color.
This is so different to Merrick and Berkleigh that they actually asked why everyone was wearing rainbow shirts.
(Every time I try and get a picture of this, they don't wear their tyedye, and when I forget my camera... everyone is decked out... so taste the rainbow.)

6. You know you are in Oregon when every where you drive you see a breathtaking view!
(This is from a street just one up from our house.)

6. You know you are in Oregon when there is a Peace Walk coming down your street.
Coolest thing we have seen. I made Tyson keep driving past so I could get a picture of these guys. They were banging drums and all!

7. You know you are in Oregon when your tap water tastes like Aquafina.
So good... that is all I can say!

8. You know you are in Oregon when blackberry bushes are the state weed. Yes all the ground brush/bushes you see are blackberries.. Who complains? Free blackberries!
End of September/ beginning of October does start to smell a little fermented though.

9. You know you are in Oregon when community gardens are right around the corner from your house, and you can rent a plot for $35 a year! How awesome! We have room in our backyard though, so we won't be doing that this year.

10. You know you are in Oregon when it smells like Christmas trees year around.
There are a million Christmas Tree farms around. You can get Christmas trees for SOO cheap here. We could buy one for every room in our house and still have saved money from buying a tree in California!

Picture from google images

7 love notes:

Ali said...

Funny...I got hooked on your blog when you lived in the OC that summer you blogged about the books and fun things you did with the kids for each book, and you had a big part in selling California to me...

...and now that you are in Oregon (my home state), you are making me miss it even more! I think you're in my sister's stake too- do you know any Pulsiphers??

garcias said...

Okay, I can't tell you how much this makes me miss Oregon and how much this makes me hate Texas even more! :) I could make a blog just the opposite for Texas, like you know you are in Texas when there are more f150 trucks than economy cars in the middle of the city! You get the picture. I have refrained from writing such a post as I don't want any enemies here. I am trying to make friends and insulting people's home state (which they think is the only state in the US) is not helpful. :) Now you just need to drive to LaGrande and see the rest of the beautiful state!

Jackie said...

Thats how our milk is.
We must be big on space saving/green living/earth friendly ideas!
Beautiful everywhere!
Looks like you guys, as always, are having way to much fun.

Jenny said...

You had good training living in the Bay Area. Our trash is smaller than our recycle too, but I haven't seen that Costco space milk yet! It sounds like Oregon takes everything one step further :) It does look gorgeous! I will probably say this a thousand times and never follow through but I would love to come visit you guys sometime and discover the magic that is Oregon! My dad grew up in Burns which is a super super small town somewhere in Oregon, I don't even know, but that's the only part I've visited.

RaeAnn said...

Love ya!!!

Megan said...

Jen, why do I think you are PERFECT in Oregon? It's like you grew up there and have been there for years? Maybe it is just a God-given talent for appreciating everywhere you live. Good for you. Inspiring!

The Ward Family said...

We were a little unsure of where to move to when Rod gets his Masters, but the space milk sold us. See ya there in 3 years.