Monday, September 19

Is this a Magamuffin?

I did Berkleigh's hair on Saturday. After I brushed it, I cleaned out her brush. I gave her the little hairball to throw in the garbage, and she grabbed it and asked, "Mom, is this a 'magamuffin'?


I laughed so hard.
When I brush her hair and she has snarls and tangles, I always tell her she is looking like a ragamuffin... and to a 4 yr old, when you brush your hair, apparently you are brushing out the ragamuffins.

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Sheryl said...


Emily Curfew said...

she is such a little lady. it's hard to believe right now, that they grow up, and they don't stay little forever. B is adorable and sassy.

The Maughans said...

Ha, Found you!