Monday, September 19

the harvest on the first day of Fall

I can't wait until we have our own harvest in our backyard. We got to Oregon too late to have a true harvest. Nothing would have really grown so well, or on time. We have this super cool community garden a block from our house. We took a walk on to see the harvest.
It really is the coolest place, and you can get a HUGE plot for $35 a year!

We walked down to the garden, and we were amazed at the difference from the last time we went!
Last time it was hard to find some fruits and veggies, this time the plants were collapsing under the weight of the produce.

Watermelons! Cantalopes!

peas and tomatos!

Yummy Berkleigh!

Pumpkins and cabbage

onions and corn

Oregon is really growing on me...

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