Monday, September 26

Daddy/Daughter = Mommy/Son Dates

Our stake had a Daddy/Daughter Campout.
Berkleigh was excited, and Merrick was super bummed.

Here is the goodbye hugs and the leaving of Daddy and ... daughter.

While Tyson and Berkleigh were here and doing this...

Setting up camp and watching the sunrise over this beautiful river.

Going to Detroit Dam and learning to fish.

Merrick and I were doing this...
(I was trying to figure out Instagram)

We ate ice cream while watching "parts" of Transformers. Like the part with Bumblebee and thats it. We watched it in ummm 10 minutes.

We looked at all the crazy spider webs and spiders outside.

Merrick slept in the teepee on the floor in my room.
No way this 31 week pregnant body was gonna sleep on the floor all cramped in that teepee.

And while waiting in the morning for Tyson and Berkleigh to come home, we went to Great Harvest and had some apple juice and cinnamon rolls.

Then after Tyson and Berkleigh got home, we headed to the beach with some friends.
Where Tyson surfed, and we played in the tide pools, on old dead driftwood trees and found sea life.

We raced home from the beach so I could go to the RS Broadcast. It was awesome, and then a little GNO with some girls in the ward.
A very productive and busy day. Just the way we like'm.

4 love notes:

Brianna and Tyson Smith said...

I am so proud of Tyson in his full body suit. Love the daddy daughter camping and Jen- I don't think I would sleep in a tipee 31 wks along either! I know Merrick probably loved it! And I'm guessing that GNO is frozen yogurt or ice cream? Do tell.

RaeAnn said...

I bet Berkleigh and Tyson had a great time together and Mom and son got some playtime in too!!!

Kristyn said...

Okay so now I'm looking for pictures of Raegan and her kids on your blog. Is that her daughter? It's been so long since I've seen her, I have no idea who her kids are!

Autumn said...

Your poor husband, hoodie, gloves and booties! Tell him head high at the pier & wore a spring suit today, ha! ha! At least he is still getting out there :)