Friday, April 15

How do they come up with this stuff?

Merrick loves cameras. He takes our cameras... well I won't let him touch my SLR but he takes Tyson's and takes one million pictures. He couldn't find it the other day, cause Tyson took it to work, and so he created his own:

I was reading next to the bathtub while M and B enjoyed splashing and playing. Berkleigh laid down in the water. I couldn't see her but she was singing...
"Flower, Gleam and Glow
Let your power shine
Make the clock reverse
Bring back what once was mine"
I peeked over the rim of the tub, and her hair was under water, and she was singing the Rapunzel song. I love it. She really thought her hair would glow so she could find the "hole out" and save herself and Flynn (Merrick).

My two favorite toys in our house right now...
1. coloring books and crayons
Berkleigh will color for an hour and a half all by herself. Sometimes she is quiet, other times she is singing to herself. Whether quiet or not, it is glorious.

2. Toy Story Duplo Blocks
Merrick and Berkleigh will play with those for at least an hour with no fights, and then when you add the tent...they are golden FOREVER!

I think I am back. I got over my blogging boycott...

3 love notes:

Jenny said...

B has some coloring skiiilz! Kate still just scribbles everywhere like a an artist type person it drives me nuts-o. I've put my hopes on Macy to be my artist. She loves to color. I love hearing about your kids since I never see them. They have some serious imaginations!

RaeAnn said...

Yea!!! We were missing M and B!!!
Love ya!!

Jackie said...

so so SO much to learn from you and the darling way you mother!
Oh my HECK. Oregon? LOVE those houses!!!! Would love to get my designer hands on those!
Good luck! Keep the picts and decisions coming!