Friday, March 18

When I don't blog...

I am teaching preschool!
Roadshow has taken over my life. Seriously.
It is SOO cute though.
I got home from practice at 10:30 both nights, settled down with my book while Tyson studied, and just wanted to relax.
Then I would remember!
I have preschool tomorrow.
That is not what you want to remember at 10:30 the night before preschool.

Monday, the 14th!
Our theme was Dr. Seuss.

In Dramatic Play:
We dressed up like Cat in the Hat and Dr. Seuss and read Dr. Seuss books!

We matched the pictures of "Cat in the Hat" hats with the correct number.

We learned about rhyming words, and we ate gold fish and read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.

For our Storytime and Learning Activity we read The Foot Book, and I made graphs, and we walked around the house looking at different objects to see how many feet they had.
The easel, the toaster, the toilet, the table...

We watched Green Eggs and Ham.

For art, we made these fantastic Thing 1 and Thing 2 creations!

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Michelle Nguyen said...

Can I please PAY you to do preschool for Maddy next year! Seriously! You are so talented! And I'm serious! I totally would. You should start a preschool. Let me know if you do! haha. I'm in!