Friday, March 18

The Luck of the Irish

I can't believe it is the middle of March! Really?

First we had to get dressed in our green!

We started our day off with preschool.
The kids got up, and preschool was set up, but the library books were gone!
There was a pile of green things, and a note from our leprechaun.

"Dear Preschool kids,
I took your books! Try and find them!
I grabbed all the things in your house that were GREEN in their place!
I love GREEN!"

Luckily we found our books so we could read!

For our Dramatic Play Center:
We had the teepee and the puzzles out.

For the ABC center we took our green finger lights and they had to trace all the different letters we have learned.

In the Math center, the Leprechaun left us a note and some treasure! If we wanted the treasure we had to do three things: COUNT it, SORT it by color, and SORT it by SIZE.

In the Writing Center, we wrote in our journals about leprechauns and rainbows.

For our Storytime and Learning activity we read "The Z was Zapped"! A really cool book!
And we played Lucky Bingo with all the letters we have learned so far.

Our Art project was making a mosiac rainbow!

After preschool, we had to get some roadshow props done, but then Merrick, Berkleigh and I planned an ALL GREEN dinner for Daddy!
We went to Trader Joes, picked everything out, and got to work!
On the Menu:
Spicy Beef and Broccoli
Green Salad with green onion and avocado
Granny Smith Apples
Green Smoothies
Lime fruit pops.

2 love notes:

ecuakim said...

Okay, I love that Merrick and Clark often have the same shirts. Makes me feel cool, like I'm dressing him well. (I mean, if Jen dresses Merrick in this, it MUST be cool, right!)

And. You are amazing. I wish that Clark could go to you for preschool. Ever thought about moving to Arizona??? :) Love you!

Melody Odell said...

Super cute ideas Jen, I can't wait to see the post on the Roadshow.