Friday, March 11

74 Degrees

It was beautiful today!

After preschool we rode our bikes down to the beach to spend the afternoon.
There was lots of running, scooping, digging, and eating.

Lots of hugging and sleeping in bags.

After the beach, we drove to my in laws, dropped the kids off, and went on a date to the Newport Beach Temple.
The temple was a perfect ending to our day.

3 love notes:

garcias said...

We have had some absolutely beautiful days here, but no beach to go to. I is hard to complain about how much I hate it here when the weather is so beautiful. :) Anyway I have been trying to find my phone book with your phone number so I can call you. I am dying to find out about the Oregon details! :) So if you think I am lame for not responding it is because I was too excited to email I just wanted to talk! :)

Sally said...

I'm jealous....again!

Emily Curfew said...

Where did you get b's swimsuit?!? So cute- I want it for pearce! And I too want to know more about the Oregon details!