Saturday, February 5

Two Weeks

I just finished my two week preschool rotation!
Our first theme was PIRATES.
Our second week them was SUPER HEROES!

We had lots of fun, but I am excited for my month break.

I really love these kids. The love to play together, and have so much fun!
Here are some highlights from Pirate Week...
We learned all about X (cause x marks the spot), R (cause that is what a pirate says), and P (cause that is what pirate starts with).

For the ABC Center:
We had to find all the R's, X's, and P's, mark them on our paper, and then put our papers in the "Message in a Bottle" bottle to be tossed out at sea.

For Math Centers we sorted pirate booty, and played Racing Pirates.

For Dramatic Play we made a pirate ships!

For the Writing center we used stamps to write each others names and wrote in our Preschool Journals about Pirates.

We went on a treasure hunt with a real map and everything! We had to find all these different letters, identify them, and then find X! Then we ate the "pirate booty", the next day we made pirate hooks that looked like the letter r!

For our Writing Center I made them super hero masks to find the "dark super s villians around the house"!
We have also been working on beginning sounds so we had some pictures and they had to decide if they started with s. Everytime they found one that had to draw an S on their paper. Then we counted how many S's we found, and we also found beginning sounds and sorted them on the pocket chart.

For Math Centers we had Super Hero Math and had to put the number of super hero stickers in the correct boxes, and the next week we did a little subtraction and Buzz Lightyear had to save dolls from the burning house, and then count how many were left.

For the Writing Center we used pipe cleaners to make letters, and used stamps to write each others names.

We put on our new Super Hero Capes.
Posed for the Camera

and then we counted to 100 three times and practiced our transitions for each group of 10. Everytime we landed on a number with a zero we ate ZERO HERO treats!

We learned about following directions and the letter S when we made a movie for the book Silly Sally. So hilarious. Sorry it cuts my voice out a little bit.

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Kristyn said...

Are you serious?! Holy crap that's a lot of stuff. Way to go Jen! I was kind of wondering if you were teaching preschool as I haven't seen as many blog posts from you recently. :) This was amazing. I always love the wrap ups from your teaching time! And now....a break!

Emily said...

Man you make me feel like such a slacker!! how do you do it all??? your amazing!!

RaeAnn said...

Sooooo cute Jen.... Dad has been walking, backwards upside-down all day!!!(Or at least trying to) I especially loved your "r" hook!!
So fun
Love ya!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! I love it. Did you make the capes and masks? Please post tutorial.=)

Matt and Melody Odell said...

ok it all makes sense why you couldn't come down the other day, seriously!! That is one amazing preschool. I love it.