Wednesday, February 9


This is my GOAL for the New Year.
I put my one word up above my door so that I would see if everyday while in my house, and on the way out of my house.
My inspiration came from this talk.
I love this word.
This word to me means: figure out what matters most, do those things and be with those people.
I am trying.

I NEED to do this.
I think I am getting better.

This is a tougher goal than I thought. :)
Which just goes to show, that I really need it.

So what has kept me from blogging?
-New Beginnings for Young Women
-Co writing a Road Show script!
-Going to Disneyland
-Helping Tyson find a job.
(Residency is done in June!)
-Loving my kids
-Hanging with Tyson
-Preparing for their 4th Birthday on Monday!

What should I be doing right now instead of blogging?
-the laundry
-the dishes
-cleaning the bathroom
-mopping the floor
-cutting Merrick's Mullet

To sum up, I am glad it is only February, and I still have 10 months to figure out how to simplify my life, cause January didn't cut it, and February isn't looking to good either.

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Jenny said...

Yes! I love that talk too! I can't remember if I ever blogged about this or commented somewhere about it, but I really tried to focus on "simplifying" after the last conference and never totally felt like I succeeded.

One concrete thing I changed though was attending less stuff. Mostly girls nights (we have a lot of recipe groups, book groups, etc) and outings that messed up my kids' sleep schedules. Basically I am lame and boring now.

Good luck! Let me know what's been working for you!