Thursday, February 3

Free Time with Daddy

Tyson has had some random time off. We love random time off because we get to do fun things, and I can veer from my "to do" list to spend time with my favorite people!
Monday, for FHDE (family home day & evening) we went to Disneyland.
Always a blast!

Tuesday night we went to "Surf City Nights", which is the farmers markets/sell weird junk downtown.

It is always fun to hear the live music and to smell the fried food.
We were even blessed with seeing a real "Capitan Hook".
I love the weirdos. They are definitely my favorite.

Today, we went on a hike at the Laguna Canyon Wilderness Park.
It was gorgeous, and FREEZING, but I shouldn't be complaining about my 60 degrees in the shade...

Berkleigh was more interested in doing "princess" poses for the camera than actually hiking.

3 love notes:

Brianna and Tyson Smith said...

I love Berkleigh's hair in the hiking pictures! It looks so cute! Sometimes it's crazy to see how big they are getting! And their birthday is so close!

Emily said...

so cute!! yes please don't complain about your 60 degree weather! :) i love berk's hair, it is getting so long!

Michele said...

So fun... we love it when Daddy is home too! It's definitely more fun!