Monday, January 17

What we have been up to!

Doing some science experiments from a Christmas present from their aunt and uncle!

Working out, and apparently not putting my laundry away.

Playing dolls with our best friends, and dress up with our best friends!

Going on bike rides.

And playing the "tuba". Merrick walks around all day with his chair turned upside down blowing into one of the legs. It is amazing. Truly amazing.

4 love notes:

Jenny said...

Merrick and his "tuba" are cracking me up! What a funny kid!

Emily said...

that is awesome,love the facial expressions that go long with the tuba playing!!

Susan said...

A tuba enthusiast...look on Craig's List and get him one, or a trumpet or trombone. Some people give them away. Of course, then you'd need earplugs too. ;)

Sally said...

I love the tuba!