Sunday, January 23

JANUARY 21, 2011

I received my first sunburn of the season... oh, wait it isn't the season of sunkissed and sunburned skin, and yet I sat on the beach for 4 hours on Friday!

It has been so beautiful, so we went down to the beach with some friends I do preschool with. Our kids ran around and we sat in our beach chairs, chatting and looking at magazines.

The weather was gorgeous! Not hot enough that you feel like you want to jump in the water, but warm enough that you can sit comfortably, and the tide was low and created these little pools so I wasn't freaked out about a wave taken my children to Davy Jones.

Tyson called around 12:30, found out we were at the beach, and dropped everything to go surfing for a little bit. Berkleigh asked to go surfing, so Tyson obliged.

From Jan 11

Then it was Merrick's turn.
It ended quickly.
He takes after his mom.
The water was too cold.

It is days like this, that I know why we pay more to live here.

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Matt, Ginger, Molly, and Jaxon said...

Super fun day! We must do it again.

Rachel said...

I am jealous!! I would love to sit at the beach and soak up sun. In Minnesota we still have 2 feet of snow on the ground (but feels like lots more) and today it -10 degrees F. Tomorrow will be warmer. :) I always enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.