Thursday, October 21

Puddle Jumping

Last year I got a pair of rain boots. One rainy day, we went on a walk, and I walked through every puddle. M and B thought it was the coolest. EVER since, they have wanted rain boots.

I didn't want to fork over $40 for two pair of rain boots, but my trusty second hand store came through for me again... I found Berkleigh some amazing boots for $5! Then I didn't feel so bad buying some for Merrick.

Today was our first day puddle jumping. This has been a dream for the kids since that walk last year.

And it didn't disappoint.

5 love notes:

jenny said...

cute! you always find the best deals at those places. i got a pair for Kate at Target on clearance at the end of the rainy season last year, but I think B's are cuter :) It's hard to find rainboots that aren't cheesy looking.

{tiffany} thomson said...

I was just telling Josh the other day how I wanted to find a place with lots of puddles so I could take the boys puddle jumping! How fun :)

Sheryl said...

We LOVE puddle jumping!! It looks like a good time was had. I am glad their rain boots kept them dry (or at least their toes dry ;)

Kristyn said...

hello, in love with the first picture.

and i specifically looked at merrick's head - it doesn't look too bad now!

It's me!....Jill said...

Sooo cute!