Sunday, October 24

A Halloween Copycat

I love Halloween.
I get so excited to decide what to make or buy for Halloween each year.

This year I 'copy cat'ed from Crate and Barrell, Pottery Barn Kids, and blogs.
I always love C&B and PBK's holiday things, but they are too expensive.
So I copy cat.
Here are my creations.

Spooky Wreath
I had the black tulle, the embroidery ring, and the random piece of orange fabric.
Idea found here.

'Going Batty' Pillow
I had the black felt and the velcro.
Idea found here.

Spiderweb Table Runner
I loved this from Crate and Barrell. It took a long time, and I had blisters from my scissors.
But I love it!

Halloween Advent Calendar
I loved this from PBkids, didn't want to pay $60, I, along with some neighbors made them.
It is my favorite thing!
At PB kids they hung it from a tree branch. I JUST finished it, so I am not going to do that until next year... who wants to save a branch!

Now I have to finish stuff for a baby shower, finish costumes, and I am almost done with Merrick and Berkleigh's Halloween church outfits!

8 love notes:

Emily Curfew said...

i LOVE ALL of your new halloween decorations. I'm so sad I do not live nearby to join in craft days. :(

Taylors said...

That advent calendar is amazing!!! Good work! And that runner is awesome too!

garcias said...

I wish I could be has cool as you. Not necessarily for myself, but my poor kids have a pretty lame brain mom. I do LOVE the spider web table thing. Anyway I am going to visit your mom on Halloween weekend so maybe we can partake of her holiday spirit!! Can't wait!!

jenny said...

it's taken me 3 weeks to get around to making one throw pillow. i wish i had more of that crafty gene. cute cute stuff!

{tiffany} thomson said...

How fun! I love all the crafts. I love Halloween.. so fun! My babies are thing one and thing two this year... I just saw that your twins were too their first halloween! How funny. My oldest is going to be the cat in the hat and my 2yr old will be the fish and Josh and I are going to be the boy and the girl. You are awesome enough to have twins first. I had to have two others to break me in. I also love the help!

Ashley said...

That calendar is awesome!! Great work! And the table runner is so cute too.

Sally said...

No need to buy the stuff if you can copy them so fantastically yourself! I can't imagine that the originals look any better. Super cute!

Jeff and Stephanie said...

Your advent calendar looks way better than PB Kids! Even if it doesn't have the cat! :) You are amazing!