Monday, October 4

cut it, mix it, blend it, drink it

Whole Foods has children cooking classes.
Did I mention it is free?
Sandy Toes and Popcicles, that awesome blog I was featured on once, reminded me that they do these classes and that one was LAST Friday.

We pack up and went.
It was one of the funnest things we have done.
I loved everything about it.

The kids made Acai Berry Smoothies with granola, and then ate it while listening to an author read the children's book he wrote. It was so fun.

We cut strawberries.

We cut bananas.

We mixed our fruit together.

We blended our fruit with Acai Berries and Chocolate Soy Milk.

And then we got purple smiles while enjoying some delicious smoothie with granola!
yum yum

I can't wait until our Whole Foods opens in Huntington Beach, so we don't have to drive so far for more cooking fun.

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Emily Curfew said...

I have always loved whole foods. And of course, my luck, as soon as i move away, HB gets one. :(

so cool they do free cooking classes for kiddos. miss you guys!!