Tuesday, August 24

Whale Watching

I have always wanted to do this... always! The Blue Whales are migrating right now. That is the BIGGEST mammal, and we went to go see them on Saturday with a bunch of friends. They are seeing 8 or 9 each trip.

Well, it turns out the water was to choppy to see any whales, but we saw a pod of dolphins and enjoyed our time on the boat.

Plus we got a free pass to go whale watching again when the weather was better to make sure we spotted a whale... can't wait!

On the upper deck and taking a peek at our captain, who was driving the boat with his feet.

And enough of humans... look at this huge pod of dolphins we saw!

What a beautiful day out at sea!

2 love notes:

mackenzie said...

so fun! love that picture of you and tyson

tiff said...

i second the love for the pic of you and tyson....just like engagements!